Monday, 8 July 2013

Gauntlet - Day 2 - other games

Leipzig continues, expect a full write up on the Wargame Amateur site in due course, the advantage of using 15mm figures was there was more room for manouvre

A new game for Sunday - the relief of Hawarden, a big Pike and Shotte game (Hawarden is just up the road from the venue) Hopefully more picutres will appear on Rick's blog in due course.

And the Flames of War game continued

There was also board games, a few pick up games, a Dystopian Wars competition and a large WRG 6th competition

I picked up a couple of 15mm armies on the B&B, seems rather strange but they were a good deal and I'd like to try a bit of DBA/DBM again and most opponents have 15mm.

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