Monday, 1 July 2013

US Rangers

Another piece of work finished for Gauntlet, but perhaps a few years late! A while back I bought some Revell US Marines to create a ranger battalion for the Salerno game in 2009. In the event someone else provided the figures so they remained in the stash. While sorting out for this years game I realised I either had to create a new US unit or rebase an old one. The old are due to be replaced with the PSC figures in due course so working on them would be a waste and also I didn't want to base any new unit for the desert. Then I remembered...

It's a standard Ranger battalion organised for Rapid Fire and is intended for use in the Mediterranean theatre representing one of the battalions from Darby's Rangers so it can be used from Tunisia through Sicily, Salerno to Anzio.


The Ferrymen said...

Hi Will,
That's a nice-looking unit. Do you still use Rapid Fire? I don't seem to see many battle reports for those rules anymore.

BTW, the commander's name was Darby, not Derby.


FriendlyFire said...

Wonderful work Will.

Excellent poses, but I found the sculpting to be a little flat. Looking forward to seeing your PSC Yanks though.


Will McNally said...

Ferryman, that's for spotting the mistake. The PSC Yanks will probably follow shortly after PSC release the heavy weapons. Will Townend estimated September when I last asked him.