Monday, 24 October 2016

Back from Sicily - Cefalu & La Rocca

Just spent two warm weeks in Sicily based in Cefalu, it's been a shock to return to the cool UK. Cefalu used to have ancient walls but above it towers La Rocca an enormous chunk of rock that the Byzantines fortified and is well worth a visit.

There is a castle on the very summit

Which have tremendous views on all sides

The castle eventually fell to the Saracens and then it was recaptured by the Normans who rebuilt the walls around the lower town (little now remains of this).

There is one easy route up to the main plateau and it is defender by a pair of thick walls - the lower wall

The upper wall to the left with the lower below (partly hidden).

Not all the slopes are sheer cliffs so the plateau also has a wall built around it

A view from the east shows the extent of the plateau walls.

I also managed to visit a couple of other castles so I'll cover those while I get back up to speed on painting

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