Monday, 10 October 2016

White scout car

A disappointing pair of pictures of my latest project. After hunting for what seems years for an Esci White Scout car to complete my British desert mine cleaning team I spotted a reasonably priced resin version from Early War Miniatures.

It's a lovely model, but for some reason I haven't discovered yet my camera won't always focus on my desert vehicles

Note, if you visit the EWM site you'll find the model in the US section, with crew described as having Kelly helmets


DaveM said...

Looks good Will. Obviously the Kelley helmets suit your purposes well. The original model seems a slightly odd combo. Obviously intended as an early war US vehicle but AFAIK the configuration with the .50 MG on pedestal instead of skate ring was standard on late production Whites.

Cheers, Dave

George Wyllie said...

It's a mirage. My camera shows all the blemishes.