Thursday, 20 October 2016

periods I play (2016 update)

Back in 2007 not long after I started the blog I summarised what I had to play with so I thought I'd update the list to see what had changed.

20mm Ancients - Ancient British/Gauls, Greek Hoplites, Roman and recently Macedonian, Various oddments have been added and a Parthian army.

20mm Medievals Saxons/Normans and various medieval figures. A big increase here with Teutonic knights, Burgundians and Swiss and lots of extra figures enabling me to fight either HYW or WOTR games.

6mm Ancients (based for 15mm DBA so 4 times the figures per base) - Byzantine, Huns, Sassanid, Norman, Saxon, Viking. - No change

20mm Conquistadores & Aztecs - small increases in numbers

NEW 20mm Renaissance Ottomans, Poles and Cossacks

20mm TYW - Swedes/Saxons and Imperialists - No change

25mm ECW a foot and a horse regiment for each side - these were sold and I now have three foot and three horse regiments from Waller's Western Association

6mm ECW both armies (based for 15mm DBR so 4 times the figures per base) - No change

NEW 20mm WSS - Austrians, Bavarian and Hessians plus oddments like my fictitious Frundsbergers to fight small actions or to oppose my Renaissance Ottomans

20mm SYW - Prussian & Austrian - I've added Bavarians, Swedes, Frundsbergers and Jacobites

2mm SYW - little block armies, ideal for travelling game (missed from the list in 2007)

20mm AWI - British/German/Loyalist and Rebel/French - some small additions/improvements

NEW 20mm French Revolution - French/British and Mamelukes in Egypt and French and Austrians in Italy, plus some Frundsbergers

20mm Napoleonics - Austrian, British/Portuguese, French & their Allies, Prussian, Russian, Brunswick. (over 6,000 figures) - a number of small units has been added but mainly the work is repairing or upgrading individual units

20mm ACW – Union & Confederate (based for Fire & Fury) - also now used for Black Powder, just some tidying up.

20mm Colonial – British & Zulu - I now have forces for the Sudan as well

6mm WW1 – German & Russian (never used) - still not used!

20mm WW1 – various units for east Africa, plus British, French, German, Austrian and Russian - upgraded East Africa

20mm Interwars - Reds and Whites for the RCW (current area for expansion) plus French v’s Rifs - just added a few more units

20mm WW2 – where to start? Early War British, French German and Russian, Late war British, US, German and Russian. For the Mediterranean both British and Axis (mainly Italian). Plus Romanians, Japanese and other oddments - Major upgrades to the British, German, Russian and German forces - new mainly PSC units have been used to replace old ones that were sold. Lots more vehicles added as well and a substantial German force for North Africa added.

NEW 20mm WW2 winter - my recent big project covering forces for Stalingrad.

6mm WW2 – Desert – British & DAK, Eastern Front German & Russian - No change

20mm Modern – Vietnam US & NVA/VC and working on some figures for AK47 - generic African units added

plus various naval forces for various periods. - No change

Overall my 20mm armies have increased by 8,000 figures over the period.


Conrad Kinch said...

A range of periods I can only aspire to.

Neil Scott said...

That's quite a range

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Will - what figures are you using for your 25mm ECW project?

Will McNally said...

Steve, the figures are the Warlord plastics

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Thanks Will