Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hedges - first batch

This batch was very much a test of my approach and I'm pleased with the results. I like the hedges produced by last valley, but they are a single colour The basic framework is rubberised horsehair "glued" with acylic caulk onto a 15cm lolly stick

The foliage is simply sawdust dyed with assorted colours of ordinary green emulsion then mixed up to provide a variety of colour combinations. I then spread thick PVA over an area of the horsehair and rolled the hedge in a bowl of the sawdust mix. Once hardened I brushed off any loose material and glued another colour. Finally I sealed with finished hedges with a dilute PVA spray and once that was dry a blast of cheap hairspray.

The last picture shows a closeup of the resulting hedge with couple of figures to show scale


Monty said...

Impressive stuff, Will!

Andrew Canham said...

They've turned out well. Good job.

Cheers, Andy

Paul´s Bods said...

Very nice, Lolly sticks..can any model maker do without them?