Friday, 28 October 2016

Caccamo castle and military museum, Sicily

Phew, quite a week since getting back, I had forgotten I needed to do some 1:1 scale house painting and with the dry weather that had to be the priority. But continuing the what I did on my holiday was Caccamo castle. It's a bus journey inland from Termini Imerese, which is a train ride from Cefalu. It's an interesting bus ride and you pass below the castle on its impressive rock outcrop. Inside it still needs some TLC, quite a numbers of rooms are habitable, but you can't get up to the highest levels.

A view from the town

The route up to the entrance, quite a steep climb

The ascent from the first gate to the second. The keep is on the left.

The main terrace

With quite a view, much nicer than the heat of the coast in summer.

The main hall

An interesting WW1 gun, but no details

But the breech reveals its origins

I took some pictures in the local military history museum in the castle, mainly WW2 in the desert. All the captions are in Italian.

Some interesting swords wielded by Italian Askaris

The Risorgimento room

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