Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trading - Haves - February 2013 update

I have the following currently available for trade, see the Trading Department for more details. I'm also prepared to sell the figures and other bulkier items at any show I'm attending.


Airfix AWI casualties/Lying down
Airfix British Paratroops (34 figs)
Airfix German Infantry (1) (42figs)
BP Casts – US 57mm & crew
Caesar German Infantry (complete set)
Dwarves (3 painted figs)
Esci French Guard Artillerymen (22 figs)
Hat French Line Lancers (2 figs)
Imex Indians (17figs)
Italeri AWI American Infantry (complete set less the Indians)
Italeri AWI British Light cavalry (complete set)
Perry 28mm figures (2 Foot Dragoons)
Perry 28mm figures (6 riflemen)
Strelets German Stormtroops (3 sprues out of 4)


Festes-haus zu Ransback (lasercut building)
Airfix Eastern Roman Archers (21 figures)
Strelets WSS Austrian Artillery (4 guns & 12 figures)
Strelets GNW Swedish Artillery (2 guns & 6 figures)
Strelets GNW Russian Artillery (2 guns, 6 crew plus two extra)

…Plus odd figures remaining from various sets, etc. that I haven't sorted ut yet

Needs are summarised on another post

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