Back from Andreivia

Yesterday's excusion to Meols saw me in command of a platoon of Spetznaz tasked with capturing the airport at Tcherbevan from the local Andreivian forces under cover of darkness. Ordering my two section commanders to provide covering fire I sped down the runway in my BMD heading for the radar station and SAM missile site, as I neared the SAM Corporal Ianavitch opened up with his AGS-17 grenade launcher and luckily distroying it. This of course resulted in my squad being iluminated by the burning propellant for the rest of the game. I managed to drive the Andreivian airport security forces out of the radar station and Corporal Connaloffski captured the Control Tower. However we were then pinned down and our BMDs eliminated by an Andreivian relief force supported by a T62.

My BMD explodes

More details can be found over on the Andrevian Tales blog

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