More Axis vehicles for North Africa

Here's the last of my Axis North African stuff from the stash
In the front a CV33 flamethrower from an unknown manufacturer (not Skytrex) followed by an Alby Fiat 508c Militaire. Second row an Airfix sdkfz 222, another CV33, and a Cromwell Fiat Dovenque. At the back a Matchbox sdkfz 11, Airfix kubelwagen and a matchbox BMW.

There was quite a bit of work on the CV33 to get the fit correct and they are quite different from my existing Skytrex versions, which causes me a problem as I need one more ordinary CV33 to finish the RF company. The Alby Fiat 508 was so nice to build, I wish I'd found the model a few years back, in time for the big Battleaxe game. The Dovenque was difficult to get squared up and also a bit fragile so I have based it and not bothered with the tilt.

No crews yet apart from the kubel as I done have any suitable figures.


Galpy said...

really nice blog great pictures

Sigmar said...

Wow, those models really bring back a few memories, esp the ubiquitous Kubel Wagon. Airfix used to be my WWII model maker of choice until I found matchbox a bit more detailed and, the miniatures a bit, err... "cooler".

I don't recognise the Italian armoured vehicles / tanks though.

I've been browsing around the war gaming blogosphere looking for an alternative game system, I'm sorely tempted to get back into WWII although I also like the look of some of the ancient miniatures out there or even an aircraft type wargame. Can you recommend a resource I can look at to compare the various games out there ?

Nice blog, thanks for sharing your pics.

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Fire at Will said...

Sigmar, I can't recommend a single source for comparing rules. Where there are reviews of several in magazines, they are quite superficial and I often have the impression that the reviewer hasn't even played the rules.

If you want a starting point why not look at all the free rules over on