On the workbench - November 2010

Not bad progress last month, but I have still not decided what format to use for the legation walls for next years Peking game. Matakishi's Tea House has some useful ideas for gardens (see the bottom of the Afghan compounds article)
A slight change of emphasis this month as I concentrate on Colonials and continue to clear my WW2 vehicle stash.
  • Finish the two long city wall sections
  • One each of the Hat Gatling, Gardiner and Field Guns for Zulu (red) and later colonial (khaki)
  • A unit of Highlanders (khaki)
  • A unit of Indians (khaki)
  • British and Egyptian camel units.
  • Various WW2 US vehicles, a pair of M18 Hellcats, a M10 Wolverine, a M8 Greyhound and a pair of M20.
  • At the bottom of my box I found a pair of Italian CV33 light tanks and an Fiat 508C militaire, so a bit more of a boost for my desert as the Fiat Duvenque is almost finished.
  • Finally to keep on the desert theme a sdkfz 7 plus the sdkfz 222 and kubelwagen from the Airfix Reece set.

Feels a bit ambitious, but as the nights draw in I can't do much else. No shows to go to either, but I will be participating in a SOTCW "Andreivian Tales" charity game at Meaols on the Wirral on the 27th and trying to clear some stuff at the next Warboot at Stockport on the 21st.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Still ambitious though, 26 days left I believe.LOL