Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Booty from Phalanx

Not a particularly busy day, until I spotted some platic figures on the B&B

In order of purchase
  • A couple of bags of static grass, I'm using quite a lot with all the rebasing
  • The various Persian figures will add to the gradually expanding stash for a discount Persian army as an opponent for my Greeks
  • The TYW Imperial Artillery was a must buy in case I need some to finish off the upgrading of my TYW armies
  • A few MDF jetties for the Vassgo 1941 game
  • A pair of 28mm (!!) wagons and horses that I need for a few Pikeman's Lament scearios
  • Then a heap of mis-casts from early war miniatures - the building facades will be cut up to fit my modular terrain (I'd never try doing it at full price)

A close up of the mis-cast vehicles

  • The Bishop turret will be used as a turret swap for an existing valentine
  • Humber scout car - I've got various scout cars already but I'll find a home for another one
  • Fiat TL37 light truck
  • Fiat TL37 artillery tractor
  • An airborne jeep
No major issues that can't be fixed with some filler and filing

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