Monday, 19 June 2017

Cheriton 1644 refought

As is traditional following Phalanx the Gentlemen pensioners gathered in Manchester for a game, this time it was Cheriton 1644 refought using a much modified set of "Pike & Shotte rules". I was a Parliamentary cavalry commander and for much of the time my units were hardly involved.

The Parliamentary right wing with part of my cavalry in reserve

Our left with our cavalry looking decidedly outnumbered as all the Royalist Cavalry were concentrated there.

A view of the massed Royalist cavalry with Cheriton wood in the far distance

The hedgerow came to our aid on this flank as it reduced the Royalists to trying to funnel through a small number of gaps

Some of the Royalist cavalry tried to filter though the centre but a decisive charge by one unit of my cavlry stopped them in their tracks

The was mass of the Royalist infantry spent most of the game wandering around Cheriton wood and were only just beginig to emerge at the end of the day

Another intervention my my cavalry, eliminating an infantry unit that had become disorganised, unfortunately they were unable to withdraw in time and broke from casualries caused by fresh infantry regiment following up behind.

By the end the Royalists cavalry had begun to turn our left. Partly this was due to three turns of me failing dice rolls to move my cavalry across in support.

A great days gaming!

Another report and pictures on Wargame Amateur


Phil said...

A huge and fantastic looking game!

James Fisher said...

Fantastic looking game Will. Marvellous!