Monday, 5 June 2017

TYW rebasing - wagons and dragoons

No change in bases, but these have been resurfaced from the old grass scatter to my current approach

The coach is a plasticard/miliput conversion of a gun and limber

Dragoons are always difficult as the usual horses are too large for the nags used by them, these used some slightly underscale versions.

While at work on this army I realised that the last time I solely used enamels was sometime in the early 1990s


Counterpane said...

Nice job on the coach, Will. One day I'd like to create something similar for my 20mm Sharp Practice Peninsular War set-up.

Are those Airfix "Red Indians" ponies? If so I think I've got one somewhere. If I find it I'll put it aside for you.

Will McNally said...

Richard, I think they were the officers horses from the AWI American Infantry. The Airfix Indian horses are far to small for the figures.

Andrew Canham said...

Very nice, I like your new basing.

I thought the horses might have been from the new Airfix French Foreign Legion officer, but looking closely probably not. I think that horse model was quite large.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

I know what you mean, Andy, but the idea of the second set of Airfix Foreign Legion being "new" tickles me slightly. Then again, being a geologist I guess you have odd ideas about timescales?