Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lees for Battlegroup Torch

A while back I squirrelled away some of the Fabri diecast Lees from "The Works" so with the forthcoming release of Battlegroup Torch I thought it was time to get them painted as US and particular with the distinctive yellow stars

As yellow stars are difficult to find I painted them using the existing Soviet markings as a template


Radu said...

Hi Will. I am a 56 years old kid building as you do, units for wargaming. I've been following your blog for some time now and I just love your work. The reason I write to you now is to make a suggestion. Once the decals have dried on the model, brush over matt medium. I use Vallejo matt medium, well shaken before use. All the silvering of the decal is gone. The effect is of a painted on marking, be it on tanks or shields.

All the best, Radu Petrovici

Pete. said...

Great work Will.



Andrew Canham said...


Like them a lot. We only have to wait until April now.

Cheers, Andy

West Riding Wargamer said...

Pendraken carry a range of American decals at shows which includes a mixed set of black and yellow US stars, some plain and some in circles. They are £2.50 / set which I thought was a bit steep at first but you get two sheets per pack. Then you just have to paint the stripes!