Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ottoman extras

A mixed bag here of skirmishers, artillery and commanders. It's always easier to painted large number of irregulars (non-uniformed) troops in larg numbers, so these all got completed at the same time.

Some Mars Turkish Heavy Artillery, certainly not the best figures, but quite intimidating.

Mars Turkish Infantry Tufeki - again not great, and I had to mix different headgear to make consistent units of these skirmishers

Red seemed to be the favoured colour for Tufeci so I painted the second unit a different shade of red.

At the rear are various vignettes mainly from the Mars Turkish Headquarters figures, that I will use for either commanders or dcoration for an ottoman camp


Phil said...

Spectacular, beautiful colors and great job!

Phil Otep said...

Hi Will, very nice army! I wouldn't have considered buying Mars minis, but I may change my mind after seeing yours.

Paul´s Bods said...

I´ll second what Phil has written. I´m now thinking about getting some as Maybe they would make a decent Opposition in my Imagi-nation ..

Andrew Canham said...

Great work, nice vibrant colours - they will look great in action.

Cheers, Andy

George Wyllie said...

Silk purses from pigs' ears. Great work.