Monday, 12 February 2018

M3 Stuarts - WIP

Something a bit different, hopefully this picture will make clear how I'm reusing the left over bits from the PSC M3 Stuarts to create some extra ones for my British 8th Army

The back and front lower hull plus the driver's hatch/vision slits were made by creating Oyumaru press moulds from the relevant PSC parts. The air filters are plastic rod with a green stuff pipe. The gun is plastic rod with a blob of green stuff for the mantlet.

I'm sure if I costed my time it would definitely be cheaper to buy more PSC kits instead, but I do enjoy the challenge


Andrew Canham said...

Nice. Is the hull base plasticard?

Always nice to use up all the spare bits.

Cheers, Andy

João Peixoto said...

Cleverly made!

Chris Kemp said...

A man after my own heart Will, except done better :)

Regards, Chris.

Will McNally said...

Hi Andy, yes the base is just a thick sheet of plasicard

Andrew Canham said...

Thanks Will.