Snow show - WMMS

Yesterday Andy and I travelled down to Aldersley for the WMMS show. There was very little snow on the roads as far as Tong on the A41, then it became more awkward as it was blowing off the fields onto the road. It was a very quiet show as the weather seemed to have deterred a lots of traders, demonsrators and punters. A few pictures of the games that caight my eye.

A nice Napoleonic Peninsula game

I particular liked the hilltop village

Japanese landing in China 1937

Great Northern War with Prinz August figures

Very little shopping done, just some decals and vehicle stowage

Wargame Amateur's pictures (link)


Monty said...

Great looking games!

Michael said...

Very nice


Hi Will, I don't suppose you remember the name of the group doing the Pen' game, do you?

Thanks for the report,

James (aka Olicana).

Fire at Will said...

Sorry James I didn't note it anywhere.