WW2 Indian Infantry

At long last I have added an Indian unit to my British desert army. It has always been a niggling omission and I had considered using the Atlantic figures. It was to my great pleasure that Strelets released not one but two sets enabling me to easily construct a Rapid Fire battalion.

The only item still missing is a Boys Anti-tank rifle and that will be purchased when I go to WMMS next week.


João Pedro Peixoto said...

Great looking figures. Im thinking about doing mine with bodies from esci/italeri British desert and heads from Esci arabs.

Jacko said...

Could you just replace a rifle with a dressmaking pin for a Boys ATR ?

They look great !


Andy Canham said...

They look great. I see Grubby does the Sikh Boyes team, but Sgts Mess do a pack of two teams and they look similar in style to Strelets.

Cheers, Andy