I'm back from Shetland

It was a long trip home, luckily arriving before the rain did. A final reminder of the local beers

I'll add some pictures of the sites of historical interest that I visited in due course, and try to catch up on the painting backlog from April/May. This weekend I'll be at the Phalanx show with the Lance & Longbow Society followed by a Gentlemen Pensioners ACW game on Sunday.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

What did you think of the beer Will? 😊

Fire at Will said...

Hi Steve, nice and tasty beers, but unfortunately all either in bottles or dispensed under pressure, which reduces the pleasure. Lerwick brewery was across the road from our first accommodation, but there was no rain during our days there so I didn't get chance to make a visit. Their 60 degrees North lager was not at all bad (for a lager) The IPA is lightly malted, slightly fruity/citrus. Skipper is similar but stronger, I preferred their IPA.

Valhalla Island Bere was my favourite an it's unusual being made of 100% ancient Bere barley. Lots of underlying flavours orangy/malty/fruity - a good summer beer. The Sjolmet stout was a good winter beer and drank on one of the colder days, it has hints of chocolate and berries.