Monday, 15 July 2019

Bovington show

I travelled down to Bovington to the resurrected show on Saturday. It was not as big as in its previous incarnation, but there were some nice games and traders presents. Some pictures of games that caught my eye.

The real guns of Navarone (assault on Elba)

Battle of Statlohn, Thirty Year War in 15mm (I hope to do something similar in 20mm)

Operation Splendour 1942 ( I spent a while chatting to Don, Alan and Ian)

Another desert game from the Pikeys

Sword beach 1944

Another WW2 game

The booty - limited, but the four kit-bashed Russkie Shermans only cost a fiver, so expect to see them in a "Fall of the Reich" game some time soon.

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