Wednesday, 3 July 2019

On the Workbench - July 2019

Life continues to get in the way of painting, but gradually I'm getting though my annual plan, hopefully this month, I'll work on:-

  • Three SYW Hanoverian battalions - I've got started
  • rebasing my AWI American Rebel Commanders plus extras - this is underway, but all the extra individual figures will have a different uniform so not a quick job for the number of figures involved.
  • Various colonial odds & sods, oxen, etc - all underway
  • Various WW2 German tank and vehicle crews that I've missed adding over the years
  • Napoleonic Russian Pavlov Grenadiers - a couple of old Italeri battalions again that I seem to have missed.
  • Tidy up my Napoleonic French Artillery - I should have acquired enough cheap limbers, etc now to work on this.

The high point otherwise is visiting the wargames show at Bovington, the downside is that I miss out local show Gauntlet at Broughton, Chester this weekend. Have a great weekend guys!

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