Thursday, 20 February 2020

WW1 Germans reorganised and rebased

Phew that was quite an effort, what originally started out as just reorganising my Germans into a couple of platoons ended with the rest of the army rebased (except a few bit already done). Thanks to Andy for the extra figures needed.

The complete army (except an infantry gun)

First platoon, the first section is Strelets stormtroops. Each platoon has one Vickers LMG and one MG08/15.

Second platoon, it should have 4 sections of 11 men and 1 Leutnant in command and two sections could be LMG armed. I have used 10 in each section and kept 4 to give the Leutnant a small platoon HQ including a rifle grenadier

The possible supports anti-tanks rifles, flamethrowers and a sniper just creeping out of sight

More supports a few pioneers then four MG08 backed by a couple of minenwerfers and a couple of Grenadewerfer 16s with the cavalry behind

The guns, 77mm in a disruptive camo scheme

and just plain


Chris Kemp said...

Looking very cohesive, Will.

Regards, Chris

Syl said...

Very good job!