Monday, 16 March 2020

WW1 French summer 1917

A nice contrast to my Germans and British for the same era. These are all Strelets figures

The infantry are all in summer uniform, organised in a platoon of 41 men, 2 sections of 9 men (including 2 bombers, but there was no one throwing grenades in the set!!) and 2 sections of 9 men (each with 1 chauchat and 3 VB)

The heavier support a Scheider 105mm

and a 155mm GPF

The artillery lacks detail, but is good enough for wargames purposes, the figures provided enough for the crews some loader teams and a couple of OP teams

I really had to have one of these after I found one at the Batterie Moltke on Jersey


Syl said...

Very nice!

Chris Kemp said...

I can't think of a more stand-out-and-shout camouflage for a gun in a concrete battery! Fantastic!

Regards, Chris.

James Fisher said...

Beautifully done Will. They are lovely figures and you have painted them to perfection. I particularly like the guns, model version and the extant one.

MartinAJF said...

Very nice Will. Hope you're keeping well.