Keep on truckin'

A slight diversion from the plan, I was distracted by these M35 trucks made by 4D I found them on ebay and acquired three for less than a tenner including postage.

Nice simple kits, which are good enough for wargames usage and not as useless as the original kits made by another company called 4D. I managed to find some suitable left over decals so they can now be used in Vietnam. Up till now I have raided my WW2 collection for suitable trucks when needed.


João Pedro Peixoto said...

I bought 6 of those together with 6 BTR-70. I`ll try to squeeze the M35 as Georgians and the BTR as russian, of course.

Tom Termini said...

If I wanted to send you a press release for an upcoming game, what would be the best way to do that, please?

Chris Kemp said...

You can never have enough trucks, Will :-)

Regards, Chris.

Fire at Will said...