Persian Light Cavalry

The last of May's output is a pair of Late Achaemenid javelin armed light cavalry units, a brace of bow armed and another unit of Scythians

Figures are quite a mix of Hat and Zvezda, I prefer the Zvezda horses for light cavalry, so I used them with the HaT riders. then vice-versa with the Scythians so they would better match my old Rospaks

As before I have based them so they can deploy either closed up for melee ( as per the javelin armed cavalry) or sirmishing, like the horse archers

In case you hadn't spotted them, the Scythians are on the extreme left.

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Umpapa said...

Very colourful. I like them.

Personally I would washed magentas and pinks with different washes (sepia, umber, red etc) to make them more varied, less uniformed.