Persian Chariots and Commanders

It's been a while as I had some problems with paint supplies, I use Humbrol acrylic sand 63 as undercoat/primer and I was running out. I found somewhere on the web who could supply them. But after despatch I had an email saying they weren't included in the order as they were out of stock. A rather panicked search around and I decided to try the Vallejo primer instead as it was available. So here are the scythed chariots followed by the commanders.

One of the chariots was obtained as a swap without any horses or crew so I had to sort out something to replace them.

The colours are very odd as the commanders chariot (at the back) should be purple not blue?


João Pedro Peixoto said...

Great paint job on these.

James Fisher said...

Beautifully done Will, really colourful.