On the workbench - November 2020

Well it's another month in lockdown and luckily I'm well stocked up, so my main drive is to finish as much as possible of my year plan by the end of the month. But first here's my progress on the galleys
I'll be working on 
  • Finishing the galleys (as seen above the crews are already finished) 
  • Some hard plastic figures from Esci to fill a fe gaps in my DAK
  • Some cactus patches 
  • Napoleonic Austrian cavalry
  •  Crusader Turkopoles and dismounted knights/heavy infantry
  • SYW Austrian pioneers/miners 
  • Cruel Seas - German S-boats, British MTBs and US PT boats

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Bluewillow said...

Nice mate, I look forward to the updates!

For me for November
1. WW2 britannia British Infantry and French Commandos, plus some terrain pieces
2. Work on my 28mm Chateau
3. Work on additions to my table
4. Medieval Bretons
5. Medieval French

that should see me through to the end of the month