On the workbench - December 2020

I feel I'm literally on the last leg, It's been a difficult year, but I've kept painting and I've nearly achieved my targets for the year. Currently what's left from November is well underway on the workbench

So I will be working on finishing of the last of the years objectives and also staring something new.
  • Finishing off the Crusader foot knights/heavy infantry and turkopoles
  • 28mm Colonial militia (already started - back left tray)
  • Another WW2 German winter limber as I found some wheels to fit an existing limber (started on back right tray)
  • Then loads of the new Vietnam figures from Redbox
  • Plus finishing off as much of the oddments that I have half started so I have a clean start for 2021


Lorenzo Fourth said...

Hi Will,

To say your prolific is an understatment - just reading your posts leaves me breathless on the painting front. Just amazing rates of production!

I think you would have been at recon this weekend and I wondered if you had any spare photos of the last two years you could share. I joined your LLBS participations both years.

I was caught up in playing the game so never thought to take a picture.

I think 2018 was a take on Lewes while last year was about some lakeland nobles.....

I am missing the opportunity this year so I thought I might do a post on my site just to recon recon so to speak!



Philotep said...

It would take me years to paint what you can create in only one, what is your secret ? :)

Norber said...

Hi Will, I found a you tube clip of your game - the battle of Clifton 1475. I have posted a link.