Latest purchases

My latest acquisitions are mainly newly released figures.

My plans are
  • More French Infantry for the WSS - I've now get enough for 10 units
  • British Infantry for the WSS - It wouldn't be fair just to do the French and I can also use them against my Jacobites for 1689 and 1715.
  • British winter tank crews - Not sure I'll bother with snow on the bases, maybe try some mud.
  • Volkssturm - something to add the the mix for Fall of the Reich games
  • NVA and VC - yet more to add to my Vietnam mix
  • Mounted musketters and cardinal's guards - to go with the foot versions I have already got
  • Ukrainian Cossacks - enough to complete units of Polish Pancerni and Imperial Croats
  • Roman/Crusader Transport - mainly bought for the Oxen, which I need for my Napoleonic Spanish


Trebian said...

Good selection there. I keep eyeing those WSS infantry boxes. They do look good.

Doug said...

Rather nice selection. I had a look on plastic soldier review, and those WSS sets are rather nice, a far cry from earlier sets from them. The same goes for the tank crew. These should look great once you've splashed a bit of paint on them.

Jonathan Freitag said...

You are going to be busy.

Fire at Will said...

Certainly looking forward to splashing some paint on them. At the moment I'm still deciding which units I will paint.

Trebian said...

I've just finished a composite grenadier battalion from the WSS British Infantry in Attack box. They are really nice figures. Excellently defined detail, and not too much flash.

Fire at Will said...

Trebian, did the British use composite grenadier battalions in the WSS? I certainly need a use for them as there are a high proportion of them in each box. I'll be using some to make the Royal Fusiliers, however they only saw action in Spain.

Trebian said...

I've always had a composite Grenadier battalion in my WSS forces, going back 40 years (Airfix AWI British Grenadiers with the bearskins carved into mitres). There's a reference in Chandlers "Art of War" page 70. The "bag mitre" figures I've used for Scots Fusiliers, and also Dalrymple's Fusiliers, a Scottish regiment in Dutch service. There are too many grenadiers in the boxes, at 1/3rd of the figures when you really need only 10%. If I had the time and could be bothered I'd rebase all my WA conversions, and stick a couple of grenadier figures in the regiments, which would increase my number of units.