First War of Spanish Succession game

Thanks to Owain who took pictures at Beacon Gaming Club last Thursday
British infantry wasting time in a village (verty slow movement)
I was surprised by how much non-British cavalry I already had to assist my pair of British units
Stalwart British infantry
and again
Gendarmes of the Maison du Roi provided the only cavalry success for the French, backed up by Bavarian cuirassiers
British infantry ready to get into action
Bavarian cavalry formed up for action
Yours truely in action checking the rules!
Nice to get the figures on the table and to give the latest draft of the rules a play through


Jim Walkley said...

As a 'plastics' man I am pleased to see these pictures. Very nice. Don't know how you found the time to play though :-)
Best wishes. Jim

Cdh said...

Will it is an absolute joy to see your wonderful figures in action. I am desperate to put together some 1746 era units together myself from Zvezdas Great Northern War range. Chris