Pony Wars Saturday

Had a great day out on Saturday at our first whole day event run by Beacon Gaming Club at Elton Community Centre. Our game was a Pony Wars campaign game with Simon's terrain and figures.

The Preacher and his flock decide to leave Outpost Arrow escorted by the cavalry
Troops head out of Fort Laramie
Ambush!! The local Cheyenne snip atthe column missing the Cavalry escort but hitting the civilians
Oophs! the raiding froce discovered two troops of cavalry at a watering hole 3:1 advantage no contest!
Don't they look vulnerable!
Caught one early with a good move,
Close up of the impact, all over now!
but after that they were repulsed and my other units suffered a similar fate - US cavalry are tough to beat especially the way my dice were rolling for melee.
I decided to reurn my main force to our village only to find three troops of US cavalry in occupation
I tried an outflanking manouvre, but although I managed to catch one US troop and decimate it the rest wiped out most of my force
So as Doctor and the Medics say - "Going on up to the spirits in the sky"


Stuart S said...

Wonderful stuff, perfect timing as I am ploughing through 100 warriors.
Great post.

Andy Canham said...

I much prefer the Norman Greenbaum version. I could have gone for Bob Marley and "Buffalo Soldiers", but as they were more like "F Troop", perhaps not - maybe Jona Lewie and "Stop the Cavalry". I think I only rolled one melee dice the whole afternoon and with a similar low score, but with you rolling ones at Si's suggestion, it did the job. It was a fun game and I liked the strategic map movements, which gave some interesting mix ups in the on-table tactical moves. We could try that with FFL as you have the big fort and pretty much all the terrain needed in 20mm, although Si has similar kit in 28mm.
Cheers, Andy