Recon 2021

On Saturday I had my first and last show for the year Recon at Pudsey, Leeds (not counting the Warboots at Penkridge), So it was a pleasure to meet up with friends and other wargamers again. Unfortunately a number of traders and games failed to make it because of Covid and despite the lower numbers the cafe ran out of tea and coffee.
As usual I was with the Lance & Longbow Society and the game was a what-if from the Italian Wars. We played the game twice before the visitors dried up.
I was intriguiged by the 6mm Sudan game
Nearby was a lovely dark age bash "Ragnarok"
I only bought a couple of books and some brushes, but I did manage to sell off some of the surplus from the stash. I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for York next year.

Wargame Amateur also has some pictures on his blog (link)

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