On the workbench - May 2022

Well my youngest daughter has arrived home after several years in New Zealand, so I can forsee various family events interupting my painting. As previously mentioned decorating had a bigger effect on my output than expected, but at least I managed 5 out of 6 in the Wargames Forum 30 day kit build challenge, which was not in my plan
There are a couple of PSC RSOs with resin printed tracks, an Italeri Kubelwagen and Opel Blitz, and a Zvezda Bofors gun for my BEF. The fail was the Airfix Bofors tractor, again for the BEF.

So my plan is to continue with what remains from my April plan
  • German FJ heavy weapons
  • Paint WW1 & WW2 French vehicles,etc. that I have just printed
  • Paint WW2 US LVTs
  • Strelets French Goumiers and Field Kitchen
  • Hat WW2 French gun crews
  • Plus finish the final kit from the challenge and paint them
Best wishes for the future to all Ukrainians at the moment, please donate to the DEC appeal in the UK or whatever is possible locally.

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