WW2 British reinforcements

Manage to complete painting my 3D printed WW2 British before the end of the month.
A pair each of Daimlers and White scout cars for my armoured car regiment
Yet more Matilda mark 1s I now have enough for the new Rapid Fire Arras scenarios
and their bigger brothers the mark 2 with the distinctive raised suspension and skid trail used by the BEF vehicles
A pair of Morris CS9 armoured cars
18/25 pdr guns and limbers, the guns are PSC with 3D printed wheels


Duc de Gobin said...

These are superb. I think it's a resin printer? Are you buying the files or drawing these up yourself?
Excellent work.

Fire at Will said...

These are resin prints and the files are free on Thingiverse, most are scaled at 1/100 and they have been scaled up to 1/76.

PacificGamerWW2 said...

Wow, really impressed, what printer do you use? Can see a few less 'tidy' for want of a better word manufacturers struggling to come close to these.

Fire at Will said...

It is an Elegoo Saturn and I am using it on its standard settings, so before painting you can see lines, but the quality is good enough for me. It will operate to higher precision, but that would take longer to print. Typically each batch takes 3-4 hours now.

Chris Kemp said...

Very nice indeed, Will.

Regards, Chris.