WW2 French reinforcements

Yet again, problems have slowed progress, but the bulk of my extra French are completed. Most of these bring my forces up to the strength required for the Rapid Fire Blitzkeig scenarios.
Renault R35s and an AMR-ZT3
Hotchkiss H39s with the long barrelled 37mm gun
Somua S35s, originally I only planned to add 1 but they were so much nicer than my original models I produced 4.
8The final tank a Char B1 bis - all looks Ok
But the other side shows the effect of uncured resin leaking out from inside and this is after repair!
Draining the resin, I have done this to all the tanks and about 50% contained uncured resin.
The guns etc, will be shown later, once I have finished their crews, etc. I have made a start on draining the LVTs, but my minidrill failed and I have only just received a new one.