My latest acquisitions

Once Strelets managed to produce some more War of Spanish Succession figures I had to buy them and a few other bits to make up the order.
There are
  • 4 x Strelets WSS Bavarian Cuirassiers - so I will make each of the four Bavarian cuirassier regiments and replace my existing pair of converted regiments
  • 4 x Strelets WSS Austrian Cuirassiers - again to make four new regiments and replace the two old ones
  • 2 x Italeri Napoleonic Dragoons - to replace my old Airfix conversions
  • 1 x Hat Russian Tank Riders - to provide crews for the bren cariers I printed and painted recently
I'm not sure yet how I will use the surplus cuirassier figures, the old cuirassiers will probably go on ebay.


Andy Canham said...

A good haul. Ordered early for Christmas to avoid the strikes?

Cheers, Andy

Uwe said...

Wow the Cuirassiers are out! As a Bavarian I have waited a long time for them. Hopefully they are available soon here too.