Horsa Glider

After quite a while I've finally finished the Horsa glider. Although a relatively simple Kit from Italeri, it took a while to sort out how to create a landed version.
I ended up breaking the landing gear on one side and reduced the central skid to a lower position. This did mean the steps fitted firmly to both the ground and the glider.
In the background is Pegasus bridge, whhich is still in progress. My next problem will be where to store it safely.


João Pedro Peixoto said...

Good work here. I have 3 italeri on the cue but I´m thinking about cutting them wings and fuselage but don´t know if i have the (fire at) will to do it :)

Fire at Will said...

JP, the Italeri kit is very large and I was tempted to cut it down to roughly the same size as the Britannia model, but I may be lending it to a 28mm player as well so I didn't bother.