A few pictures from Recon

Saturday was an early start off to Pudsey to join the Lance & Longbow guys to refight Stoke Field 1487. It's a small but friendly show and I only took a few pictures.

First off Yarkshire Gamers battle of Forli with an impressive array of figures
Proper pike blocks
Landsknecht pike
Swiss pike
Loads of eye candy
A Zombie game set in the UK, had an interesting chat wiyh the chap running the game and I would have liked to play it. Much better terrain than the usual Zombicide games played at the club, with lots of fine detail.
Finally a very blurred picture of our game. We played through twice and both were a close finish with either side winning once.
More pictures can be found on
Yarkshire Gamers blog (link)
Wargame Amateur blog (link)

The traders didn't do so well from me as I only bought 4 pots of paint as nothing caught my eye.

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pancerni said...

Looks like a good day. Forli is impressive to look at. Rare outing with no figure purchases.