On the Workbench - December 2022

Another year is coming to a close so I need to try and finish all the bits I have started
  • Horsa glider - this is now almosted finished, I need touch up some parts and add a base
  • Pegasus bridge - finished painting, but I still have not sorted the river/basing.
  • Saracen light cavalry - well underway
  • Bunkers for Battlegroup Westwall - completed to a basic level for yesterdays game
  • Replacement BEF vehicles - base coated
  • Crusader baggage - undercoated
  • 4 units of WSS Austrian Cuirassiers - now removed from sprues
  • 4 units of WSS Bavarian Cuirassiers - if time permits
Now off to Recon at Pudsey in the morning and hope that nothing tempts me. I should be on the Lance & Longbow game playing Stoke Field 1487, come along and join in.

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