Thursday, 6 December 2007

Egyptian Mamelukes

So I now have an army to face the French in Egypt. The Mameluke cavalry has been made using the HaT Napoleonic Mamelukes, they are a bit too consistent as they only reflect one style of Mameluke dress, but they are all that is easily available in plastic. There are some suitable sets to provide additions planned, but I was not prepared to wait. Probable other additions over time will be some Bedouins and perhaps some Turkish infantry.

The front right hand unit has a different type of static grass, which I tied to see if it would look better for desert/arid conditions, but it's not pale/dried out enough.

I've now got to write up the rules. They will be an amalgam of my AWI and Zulu rules and the working title will be "With Desaix in the desert"

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