Targets for 2008

It's that time of year again, so I'm thinking of 2008 targets. I've got quite a lot on the go already, but here are my current projects/plans
  • Fight at least 50% of the scenarios in the RF Bulge book (so I may need more WW2 Germans and Americans)

  • Start selling surplus plastic figures on ebay (There is a list on database in the trading department if you are looking for anything plastic)

  • Complete at least 2 of the following WRG 6th armies :- Normans, Parthians, Teutonic Knights, HYW English.

  • Prepare WW2 Italians for the big WW2 Battleaxe game by mid year.

  • Finish the rules for "With Desaix in the Desert" (I need a few more figures but I'm almost there)

  • Update the AWI and Frundsberg blogs more.

  • Sort out my TYW armies to be able to fight some late war scenarios such as Jankow 1645.

  • Progress further with the 1683 campaign and battles (links to the Frundsberg blog)

Of course, all this will be heavily dependant on activities in the real world and the release of new figures, rules, etc.

Happy New Year


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