20K achieved

After more than 35 years painting my collection of 20mm figures has now reached 20,000 with the completion of some Norman and Breton cavalry (pictures to follow soon). I would have reached this figure earlier if I hadn't sold my Napoleonic Russian cavalry.

The breakdown by broad periods is

2,326 Ancient/Medieval
1,777 Rennaissance
2,709 Lace wars
6,336 Napoleonic
1,293 American Civil War
1,091 Colonial
4,473 20th Century

Trouble is that it's a long way to the next milestone of 25K, so I won't achieve this for quite a few years.


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Snickering Corpses said...

Impressive accomplishment, Will! I was stunned earlier this year to realize I probably had 6000-8000 figures in my own collection. Though I hope to soon reduce that by about 1200 as my own 1/72 Napoleonics are going on the chopping block.