RF Battle of the Bulge book arrives

Christmas is here, I arrived home yesterday to find the book left by the postie, so I'm going to spend the next few days reading and re-reading it

There is lots of good stuff, and plenty of eye-candy

Some new orders of battle, I'll have to get some more WW1 German 77mm guns for my Volksgrenadiers, and conveniently I've just bought some RSOs, which are also needed. There are some additional scenario specific additions to the rules and the first scenario has more details on playing a divisional level game.

The 10 scenarios comprise
  • Death of a Division - 18th VG v's 106th ID (Division level game)
  • Twin Villages - 12th SS v's 2nd ID
  • Stourmont - KG Peiper v's 30th ID
  • Malmedy - PzB 150 v's 30th ID
  • Seige of La Gleize - KG Peiper again
  • Champs -101 AbD v's 26th VG
  • Foy-Notre-Dame KG Boehm v's 82nd Reece & 3rd RTR
  • Sibret - Fuhrer Begleit v's 11th AD
  • Bizory - 6th AD v's 12th SS
  • Tillet - 87th ID v's Fuhrer Begleit

Plus a mini what-if campaign involving KG Peiper.

I would have liked to have seen more on modelling the figures, vehicles & terrain. but if the choice is that or a scenario then I'd choose the scenario. Hopefully some of this may appear on the RF site over the coming months.

Merry Xmas

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