Norman and Breton cavalry

I had a certain amount of Normans based up for some Warmaster type rules using the Revell Normans, plus the original Strelets Norman cavalry. When Strelets released their new sets I decided to add them to the army and upgrade it to make a WRG 6th edition army. The new figures are an improvement on the originals, the only real fault is the shield patterns being embossed on the shields which limits the painting possibilities.

Below the Normans drawn up in wedges, and usual I replaced the lances provided with florists wire and added pennants from paper.

The Bretons. There is a lot of character in this set and they can be mixed in with the Normans if necessary.

All that is now needed to complete the army is to rebase the archers as LI and it's done. Well at least until their first outing then I'll probably make some changes.


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