Friday, 14 December 2007

Xmas party at the club

It was our annual Xmas Deeside Defenders meeting last night with a free bar and Indian food. A great time was had by all and I won a pack of FOW (Valejo) paints in the raffle. I just missed out of the WW2 version of "Wings of War", shame!.

ID gaming from St Helens was there with a rummage box of BP Casts stuff and I picked up a selection of various bits and pieces I "need" for my WW2 armies, which will appear over the coming months. The bits included the 20mm AA guns and artillery crews I needed for my Western Desert Italians.

Also played the first working draft of "With Desaix in the desert". Everyone liked the eye candy. The rules worked OK, but there are lots of bits needing tidied up/recalculated/rebalanced. Certainly something to work on over Xmas.


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