Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Half year progress?

Back in December I set myself some objectives for the year, so how am I doing?
  • Fight at least 50% of the scenarios in the RF Bulge book (so I may need more WW2 Germans and Americans) - only 2 played so far out of 10 but mainly due to the loss of my regular RF opponent off playing cricket!

  • Start selling surplus plastic figures on ebay (There is a list on database in the trading department if you are looking for anything plastic) - been put off ebay by the charges, I'm now sorting it out for B&Bs, etc

  • Complete at least 2 of the following WRG 6th armies :- Normans, Parthians, Teutonic Knights, HYW English. - Parthians completed, though I will still add some extras, Teutonic Knights look like the next army

  • Prepare WW2 Italians for the big WW2 Battleaxe game by mid year.- Done

  • Finish the rules for "With Desaix in the Desert" (I need a few more figures but I'm almost there) - Certainly up to a working level

  • Update the AWI and Frundsberg blogs more. - very little progress, but with my new Ottomans the Frundsberg blog should get going again.

  • Sort out my TYW armies to be able to fight some late war scenarios such as Jankow 1645. - Sorted out the OOB, still need to work up the armies

  • Progress further with the 1683 campaign and battles (links to the Frundsberg blog) - comments as above

Painting, seemed quite a slow 6 months

  • Ancients 50 Infantry and 150 cavalry

  • Medievals 9 gunners and 4 guns

  • Renaissance 50 cavalry

  • WSS 40 cavalry

  • Napoleonics 12 infantry and 12 cavalry plus a field forge and wurst wagon

  • WW2 148 infantry/gunners and 51 vehicles and guns

Overall 221 Foot, 256 mounted and 57 bits of equipment

It was the last item that surprised me as I hadn't realised how much WW2 stuff I had done, and I've still got more to do.



Steve said...

More SYW & AWI, please! :o))

My perception is that you've done a lot of WWII this year - but I put it down to prep for the big Desert game...

Fire at Will said...

Already tempted and started work on Bemis Heights. I picked up a booklet on gaming the battle during Gauntlet.

I'm also tempted by the SYW battles on Olicanalad's Games


Steve said...

Olicanalad's site is very good - I read both the Mollwitz game reports with interest, but I *still* can't find it within myself to enjoy Piquet as a rule system... ;o)

Look forward to your words on Bemis Heights - not a battle I know much about... I did get Boatner though following your (excellent) recommendation, so I'll have to have a read...