Middle East/Mediterreanean Fortress

The fortress is now finished. As you can see from the pictures it's built as a set of modules that can be combined in different ways to provide a variety of forts.

Overall there are two gateways (one large and one small), six wall sections, two small towers and two artillery towers

above & below, the large gateway

An artillery tower clearly showing the ramp and how it fits next to a wall section

I'll probably have to add some more sections as needed for particular games.

The textured finish is a very old pot of artex paint, still going strong after more then 20 years, everytime I open it I expect to find it hard, but it's always still usable. It is white but I gave the whole surface a quick brown/black ink wash to tone it all down.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Brilliant, and "multi-denominational" as well in that you could use it for anything from Ancients right up to French Foreign Legion or Sudan Colonial games... vert effective.

B.t.w - is that Basetex on the walls??

Giles said...

Fantastic work there, Will.

Best wishes