Ottoman feudal sipahis and commanders

OK, finished all the Zvesda Turkish cavalry and another fine bunch. These are pretty flexible and will cetainly be used across the full range from the Rennaissance to fighting the French in Egypt.
I the front the various commanders (Agas), then three units of what I will probably use as Feudal Sipahis, behind are a couple of units of Napoleonic mamelukes that I've rebased. My only regret is that I would have liked a bit more variety, but that's a minor grumble.
Closeup of one of the Agas with their barded horse. I also modified one of the ordinary cavalrymen into a commander by just swapping his sword arm for a mace.

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Stryker said...


Those look great! If I wasn't up to my eyebrows in my current project I would be very tempted to get some. Thanks for the info re painting.