More Kaiserlijkes

Yes, as is typically the case, the regulars are finished first, in this case more Austrians for 1798 in Italy, to face my French when they return from Egypt. The figures are the newer Italeri version on the original Austrians from Esci, most now have backpacks and they've added some Grenadiers. There was enough for 2 battalions of line (2x12) and one of Hungarian grenadiers. The the left over fusiliers were used for a Hungarian light battalion. Finally a there was a mounted figure to provide a brigade commander.



Giles said...

Lovely! Excellent basing too, with the fence a very nice touch.

Best wishes


Stryker said...

Hi there,

I'm sure you will have answered this somewhere else on your blog but how do you prepare your plastic figures for painting? I have been painting metal figures for years but am increasingly drawn towards the new generation of plastics. Years ago I did try a few but the paint never seemed to adhere too well (that would have been with Humbrol enamels).
Great blog by the way,


Fire at Will said...

Ian, I'm quite lazy about preparing my plastics as most modern acrylics adhere quite well to the normal (harder) soft plastics, the only important part is making sure that all the mold release agent is cleaned off before painting, basically a hot water and detergent scrub. I've had more problems with the recent soft/rubbery soft plastic from Hat. It doesn't clean well I think some to the release agent penetrates the surface and then leaches out, so I've taken to a second washing. The surface adhesion with acrylics is poor as well and I've tried both PVA and Gesso as a base coat, but I've returned to my standard hard plastic approach of using an enamel paint as a base/first coat.

I still worry about the amount the plastic flexs and I expect I'll have to touch them up periodically.


Fire at Will said...

Giles, thanks for the complement. I just copied the idea from somewhere, might have even been your blog. Unlike line units, the base looked to empty with just the figures on it


Anonymous said...

Hi Will,

Regarding your problems with the newer softer plastic figures being produced by HAT. After washing my figures, I dip them in Johnson's Klear then undercoat them in enamel before painting with acrylics. (I do this with all my plastics). I haven't encountered any problems with paint adherence so this might be worth a look.